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One web site does not fit all.  It is a personal expression of your organization.  KATTRAKS understands this, and works closely with your staff to determine "the look" that you have in mind for your web presence. 

KATTRAKS has thirteen years experience working closely with people in a number of organizations to determine the design that they want for their web sites.

How do I start?

Contact KATTRAKS for an initial in-person consultation.  During the course of this consultation, the scope of your site will be determined.  Materials that you already use in marketing your business will serve as a good starting point for what type of information you would like on your site. 

After the consultation, KATTRAKS will create several potential site layouts.  Any graphics, colors schemes, etc. currently used by your organization in digital format will be most helpful in this process.

KATTRAKS will send you a not-to-exceed quote for the items discussed in the initial consultation.  You will also have the opportunity to review several potential layouts online to determine the look and feel of your new web site.

What about web site maintenance?

Nothing is more annoying than visiting a web site only to find the majority of the content to be outdated.  You can easily avoid this by contracting with KATTRAKS to maintain the content of your site.  You will find the pricing to be very reasonable.  Just contact KATTRAKS for more information.

How do I add additional pages?

If, after your web site has been designed, you determine that you need additional pages, you may contact KATTRAKS to create these for you.  The process is the same as with the initial consultation - just let KATTRAKS know what you would like and provide graphics (if available) - and a not-to-exceed quote will be sent to you promptly.